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Victoria Beckham bob hairstyles are becoming very popular with young women, today. This type of short haircut even has its own name, the Pob cut. You may be considering this trendy haircut, and here are some advantages and disadvantages of getting a Pob.

Victoria Beckham haircuts

Pob Advantages

Many people enjoy their Pob cut with its short and asymmetrical appearance, and this type of haircut is very easy to take care of. This makes it perfect for women with an active lifestyle, and do not want to spend lots of time in front on the mirror. You will need to use some styling tools, but it will not require much time or work.

You will not have to spend a great deal of money keeping up your hair. In fact, a shorter cut requires a lot less shampoo and conditioner. Also, you may need less styling products than longer hair may require.

Pob Disadvantages

These types of haircuts work best with hair that is straight. You might have hair that is naturally curly, and it may not look right. You will want to get your hair cut on a regular basis also. As the style grows out, it may lose its appeal.

The short cut is designed for young women. When you are older, a shorter style may accent some features of aging like lines and wrinkles. However, one good thing is, if you change your mind, your hair will grow out within a short amount of time.

Victoria Beckham hairstyles